Pre-Order: Shapeoko 3 Hall Effect End Stop Kit


Pre-Order: Shapeoko 3 Hall Effect End Stop Kit

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Still in prototype design, pre-orders not yet shipping

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This is an upgrade that I would consider an absolute must and one that I find bizarre that it doesn't come from Carbide with some form of end-stops (even if its cheap crappy limit switches). Without end-stops it is impossible to know the absolute location of the machine. This means that two sided, multi-pass, or using a different cutting tool on a finishing pass is impossible (yes you can try to line it up in the same spot every time you start the machine, but this is a pretty ghetto way of doing it and won't yield good repeatable results)

Additional documentation (parts list, step-by-step installation guide, etc) will be soon to come. This is a pre-order price and if you're not happy with the final product for any reason you'll be given an opportunity for a full refund before orders ship. 

Limit switches work pretty well, but since they rely on mechanical contact you must home at a much slower speed (to avoid hard impacts), they will eventually wear out, and they can be thrown off or become non-functional with material build-up.

Hall-effect sensors work by sensing magnetic fields and don't need any mechanical contact to sense an absolute position. Our thought was that if you are going to go through the effort of putting end-stops on your machine you might as well go with the far superior option and do it right from the beginning.

These larger with LED sensors have been in use for hundreds of machining hours now and have proven to be rock solid reliable.