This topic may not need a full page to discuss, but at least it can stand as confirmation that it is in fact an easy choice. 

In days past with DC motors popular there was a choice in motor controller to use. DC motors are largely interchangeable so you could pick whichever motor controller you wanted to use as long as it was sized correctly. Unfortunately AC motor controllers must be designed (or at least tuned) to a specific motor. This unfortunate part does simplify the process quite substantially though.

Which motor controller should you use? The one designed and used in production with your motor.

My Choice:

Azure Dynamics DMOC 645

Minimum Voltage: 120vdc
Maximum Voltage: 400vdc
Maximum Operational Voltage on Charge: 450v
Peak Efficiency: 97%
Peak Motor Current: 414 Amps RMS
Peak Power: 118 kW @ 336vdc
Continuous Power: 53kW @336 vdc
Operating temperature: -40C to +55C
Maximum Motor Current: 414 ARMS
Minimum Aux Voltage: 11vdc
Maximum Aux Voltage 15vdc
Length: 585 mm / 23 inches
Width: 260 mm / 10.25 inches
Height: 310 mm / 12.25 inches
Weight: 27.5 kg / 60.62 pounds
Peak efficiency: 97%
Environmental: IP54
Maximum fluid pressure:15 psi.
Maximum cooling temperature at inlet: +55C
Normal cooling flow rate: 13 to 16 liters per minute
Cooling ports: 3⁄4”-16 thread
35 pin Ampseal Connector: AMPSeal 776164-1  connector and 770854-3 pins