So first and foremost, the main goal of this EV conversion is performance, personal technical learning, performance (yes this is really important), and simply the enjoyment of getting dirty out in the garage working on a car. I've wanted to do this EV conversion for nearing 10 years now and I just recently convinced myself to pull the trigger and finally start the build. 

The fact that this car ends up being 'green', 'eco-friendly', and pollution reducing is just a beneficial side-effect. Its one of the best ways to practically combine a weekend auto-cross racer, project car, and practical daily driver.

I have a few critical rules of this build:

  • It MUST be faster than the stock Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)
  • Driving enjoyment cannot be sacrificed. It must retain its 6 speed manual transmission, rear wheel drive, clutch, and handling dynamics
  • This must be a practical daily driver. Meaning I still need Air Conditioning, HVAC heating, seat heaters, and trunk space
  • It must appear stock. As a general rule, no one should be able to tell that its electric until its in motion. No cheesy stickers, no batteries hanging out the back of the car, no ugly electronics in the interior, gauges must fully work, and anyone should be able to hop in the car and be able to drive it. 


I want to give a quick shout-out to the guys at EV-West. I think they share some pretty similar opinions and hold these rules to heart on each and every one of their heavily performance based and just all-around professional builds. The video below does a pretty good job of summing it all up if you have about 11 minutes to spare.