Shipping the RX8 up to Detroit

This car spent its life below the rust belt and far away from the frigid, salt covered winters up here in the upper mid-west. Growing up in the heart of the mid-west, I just assumed cars after 5-10 years turned to rust buckets on the underside, and then in the 10-15 year mark they'd start to rust through the paint and you'd pretty much be guaranteed to be embarrassed by your car's appearance. After a few trips out to the Arizona area my mind was blown by the shear number of older cars on the road that simply looked pristine, so I set a rule for myself: No cars from the upper mid-west. Now this introduced a unique challenge; I'd have to buy the car without seeing it in person. 

So I finally found what I think is the perfect car, and now its time to get it shipped up to Michigan. Now I've shipped quite a few cars across the country for work so I just assumed this would be an easy, painless process. Man was I wrong....

We've always used the company Reliable, but after looking up their prices I decided that I really didn't want to spend about $1,000 to get the car shipped up to me when all the others are in the $350-$600 range, but with the car not able to start and drive up onto any trailer under its own power it made this shipment just enough abnormal. Some of the companies that I dealt with were just unbelievably unprofessional, but luckily I used a middle man company so I didn't have to deal with too many of them.

The process took well over a month, but it eventually arrived and deserved a nice wash even being stuck in the garage.