Removing the RX8 Gas Tank

What’s a large, critical ICE component that I have absolutely no need for...? 

The gas tank

Step 1: Drain the remaining fuel left in the tank

The service manual says to tie a certain pin in the relay/fuse box to ground to manually control the fuel pump, but when I tried this nothing happened. My guess is that the control for the fuel pump relay is in the engine controller somewhere (which I removed) or there is a built in safety that the fuel pump won’t get power if the engine is removed. Either way I just decided to go straight to the source and power the fuel pump directly. Looking up the schematic revealed that it was just a simple 4 wire connector: 12V, GND, and two wires for what I’m assuming are related to the fuel gauge. (Mental note here: This might be a good spot to tap into the fuel gauge to send a spoof signal to the cluster since fuel gauge isn’t controlled over the CAN bus)

I then got a 10ft section of clear chemical rated 5/16″ ID hose and press fit it onto the fuel line in the engine bay. I taped the other side of the fuel line to the inlet of the 5gal gas tank and made sure to run the hose down to the bottom of the gas canister in an attempt to keep the fumes down and forcing me to open my garage to the 9 degrees outside. This worked phenomenally well and kept all of the gas fumes inside the canister.

Now the next step is to remove the gas tank. Simple right? Wrong…


Turns out the vehicle dollies didn’t give me the clearance under the car that I needed to get everything out so I fabricated up some supports to raise the wheels on the dollies.

Now because the gas tank is a saddle style tank (goes up and over the drive-train) I have to remove pretty much the entire drive-train except for the rear differential.

Most drive-shafts I would just unbolt and drop out, but the particular RX8 that I bought (not sure what package its specific to) came with a fully carbon fiber drive-shaft. The service manual says to wrap it in something protective before it is removed, so I went inside and grabbed an old towel to wrap it up in.