New TIG Welder

Another great aspect of this EV conversion is that I can justify to myself that I just need more tools. I learned how to MIG weld in early high school, but once I learned how to TIG weld in college I was hooked and knew that I wanted a TIG welder, but couldn't justify it.... until now.

I'll need to fabricate battery support structures, battery enclosures, motor mounts, and other various component mounts. In order to do this correctly and professionally, I'll definitely need a welder and figured it was a good excuse to buy a nice TIG welder.

I ended up going with an Everlast Power i-TIG 200. The reviews online were overwhelming positive, the company seemed pretty active in its forums, it offered great features for the price, and they carried a 5 year warranty. Argon gas through the wand was an absolute must, as well as 220V and 110V compatibility, pulse tig capability, and a higher 200A at 60% duty cycle rating.